Paul Raymonde

Life Event Artist and Watercolour Workshops

About Paul

A Professional Artist

Plein-Air Watercolourist

Paul has held a life long love for watercolour and admiration of great watercolourists. While he has always used it for illustration and sketching he had not seriously explored its possibilities in fine art.

Workshops and Commissions

As well as painting for himself,  Paul runs a regular plein-air watercolour workshop in Barcelona. He is also commissioned to paint live at events, particularly weddings.

Cartoons and Caricature

For more than 30 years, Paul has maintained his professional tie to cartoons and particularly caricatures since there was always the opportunity to make an extra living in that sphere.

An artist for more than 30 years

Paul Raymonde’s career started as an editorial cartoonist for magazines and slowly developed into that of a successful humorous illustrator.

Some years later not to be pigeonholed, Paul developed an interest in decorative painting and started winning commissions to paint murals, in particular architectural trompe l’oeil.

Live Event Painting

When Paul has been asked to paint at an event he will need to find the best viewpoint to paint from. He therefore always arrives early, before the guests, in order to make some preliminary sketche

After event painting commissions

If the event has already passed and but you would still like a painting to celebrate the day, Paul can work from photos.

A painting made from a photo will not necessarily be an exact copy but an inspired interpretation.

Recent Work

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